The only community that has managed to keep up with the hipster community is the advertisement industry, which picks and drops trends as fast as the hipster. The uniqueness of the hipster community is its ability to change itself unlike other communities that strive to change the larger society.

The result is that Hipsterism as discussed by Geifer is the creation of the social building. To undermine others and build their social status, Geifer and the media have managed to identify hipster tendency to use ‘coolness’ (Geifer et al. 12). Therefore, the hipster community adheres with the philosophies of Pierre, for they strictly define their tastes to distinguish their class from others, and hence the hipster uses symbol. The stereotypic grouping of hipsters then raises the question of social bluffing as Geifer has identified. Hipsters and the society at large have been unnerved by the stereotypic grouping of tastes and social class.

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