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The immigrants living in the country are not just employees they are also consumers. And consumerism increases the demands for more products and services creating more employment.

Another concern is that immigrants take lower paying jobs which consequently have a domino effect on the marketplace creating pressure on wages and subsequently American workers. However, what is not taken into consideration is that most immigrants take employment which is usually in the field of manual labor due to their disadvantaged skill set and language deficiencies. This leaves Americans free to take up higher paying jobs with immigrants taking up jobs that Americans simply do not wish to partake in. because of this they also drive down the value of goods and services related to unskilled labor. A recent study on the impact of immigration focused on the prices of goods and services in 25 thriving cities in the United States. They found that the impact of immigrant labor markets gained Americans between $1 and $10 billion per year. This study proves that the United States is better off with its immigrant workforce (Lewis).

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