Adolf Hitler Military Build-up at Germany’s Western Border

Adolf Hitler commenced forming his military on Germany’s Western border, and in April 1940, German troops invaded Denmark and Norway. On 9 April, Hitler announced the birth of the Greater Germanic Reich, his vision of a combined empire of the Germanic nations of Europe, where Flemish, Dutch, and Scandinavians were linked into a “racially pure” polity under German rule. Read further to learn more about Essay on Adolf Hitler’s Military Build at Germany’s Western Border.

In May 1940, Germany attacked France and conquered Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. This success advanced Mussolini to have Italy combine forces with Hitler on 10 June.  France gave up on 22nd June.  Kershaw notes that Hitler’s popularity within Germany reached its height when he came back to Berlin on 6 July from his Paris tour.

The British army was forced to leave France by sea from Dunkirk and continued the fight with British dominions in the Battle of the Atlantic. Hitler made peace with the new British Leader, Winston Churchill, and when rejected he commanded a series of aerial attacks on Royal Air Force airbases and radar stations in South-East England.

The German Luftwaffe failed to defeat the Royal Air Force in what became known as the Battle of Britain. By October, Hitler came to the conclusion that the air superiority for the invasion of Britain could not be successful, and he commanded preparations for a full-scale invasion of the Soviet Union.

In the spring of 1941, German forces were sent to North Africa, the Middle East, and the Balkans. In February, German forces arrived in Libya to strengthen the Italian presence. In April, Hitler introduced the invasion of Yugoslavia and shortly came the invasion of Greece. In May, German forces were sent to support Iraqi rebel forces fighting against Britain and to invade Crete.

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