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Children who are addicted to drugs tend perform at a less than satisfactory level at school. They may drop out, not attend classes, or barely pay attention in class. This affects their grades and defeats the purpose of getting a high school or elementary education which is supposed to be the foundation of an advanced curriculum in college.

“Behavior correlates to substance abuse, including antisocial behavior and poor academic performance. Of the most powerful predictors of substance abuse use are social influences including behavior and attitudes of family and friends. Family influences, such as parenting, parental substance abuse, permissive or tolerant attitudes of substance use by parents, and the quality of relationship between parents and adolescents, are implicated in adolescent substance use.” (Lowinson, 1997, p. 1027) How parents behave with their children plays a huge role in the use of substances by adolescents. Parents act as role models and leaders in every family and kids usually follow in their footsteps. Parents who let their kids loose and go easy on them are more likely to find their kids abusing substances compared to parents who apply strict rules and regulations although there are always exceptions to both rules.

“Other social or environmental factors associated with substance use include deprivation, children who care for themselves after school if parents work, a low socioeconomic status, a history of sexual abuse or dating violence, and employment during the school year.” (Lowinson, 1997, p. 1021) All these behaviors encourage deviance. In sociology there is a theory called ‘deviance and control’. It proposes many ways of how people deviate from social norms and partake in deviant activities such as drug and alcohol abuse. The control theory provides a reason for why people stay away from deviant behavior. It proposes that people who have strong relationships with the people around them are the ones less likely to deviate. In other words, people who have strong bonds with their kids, significant others or any one else in society are the one’s least likely to indulge in substance abuse.

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