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However with great many advantages and merits of adapting computer technology in the medical field, there are some downsides as well. This is a separate thing that these downsides can be recovered easily. Usage of wireless technology has made people lazy in every way. Use of buttons only to manage the activities of life would be a curse, and it will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

The use of computers, laptops, cell phones and handheld devices seems to be very time saving and cost effective but the actual scenario would be clear if we consider this practice on long-term basis. Certainly the effects are disastrous. The future researchers are advised to give special attention to the effects of RF energy which is released from these devices. Specially pregnant women, fetuses, adolescents, and children have effects if exposed to these devices for long. As these wireless technology radiations can affect the growth of tissue and organ systems in children. The change of antennas would probably reduce these effects as RF energy radiations targets human head from antennas. Some of the newer versions devices target the other body regions like waist (Anetei, 2008).

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