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There is a database server APACHE Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation that compares and evaluates results from intensive care units. It also evaluates quality of care being served there in ICUs. Mortality rates are adjusted by the data coming out from the data of ICU patients. The mortality rates decide the rate of severity in diseases and so this rate is used to evaluate the ruthlessness of sicknesses. The track is kept so that the lives can be made better. If more and more people consult with computers for the serious illnesses the knowledge data base will grow with natural possibilities. This way better heuristics would have been possible and the most accurate results to that date (Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, 1996).

An expert system evaluates the condition of patient and suggests whatever is necessary for him/her. If it suggests any tests, it automatically calculates and redirects the patient to the place which offers the most cost-effective and reliable treatments. The future of this system is luminous because the progress would need its data and whole of its information to make a stronger database for making the strongest reliable decision. This knowledge database already contains information from years.

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