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Like Bailey et al. suggests, each member of nursing faculty feels good about their role in providing the best patient care. And they are both pleased and concerned about recent press on the government’s role in medication errors. Patient care deserves high-ranking attention. Although the government has a role to play in patient safety, health care professionals are truly accountable for it. Senior staff members want to help junior staff develop proactive initiatives to improve medication safety.

Four-point plan for medical staffs

For starters, consider a four-point plan that includes:

1. Staff education

2. Patient education

3. Process improvement

4. Reporting and analyzing errors to improve care.

Each of these four points relates to the others.

Staff education begins with becoming aware of the problem. Improving medication safety is a national, meaningful issue. Another education focus is moving from the blame mentality toward the improvement mentality. Staff also needs to learn the issues and solutions others work with to address medication safety. (Warner, 2005)

Patient education should include caregiver and self administration of medications. Give patients information about the medication’s use and purpose, dosage, route of administration, adverse effects, and alerts on complications. Also advise them about the medication’s appropriate storage, handling, purchase, availability, and safety factors. Patient education is ongoing and needs to be reinforced periodically.

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