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Single parents, who raise their family without the assistance of the spouse, are increasing in number in the United States within years and they are 25% of the population. The commonest type of single parents is that of single mothers who have to face struggle in raising their children. Nancy Lee Hall in her autobiographical book A True Story of a Single Mother recounts the story of her life that is replete with struggles and challenges that she had to face in order to restore her independence and individuality, but the price to be paid was to rid of the marital bond.

The dominant theme running throughout the book is that of struggle for freedom and individuality at the cost of the loss of marriage. The renunciation of the traditional dogmas attached with the concept of marriage in 1960s (onwards) by the women caught in abusive and unhappy marriages is another theme related to the freedom for struggle. Moreover the interplay of appearance and reality is also at play as a prominent theme of the book as the hopes and ideals of Hall are met with disaster when she has to face the harsh blow of poverty as soon as she ends her marriage. The story of Hall’s life reflects the journey of an American woman towards empowerment.

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