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On a broader scale, the human body can be classified into a number of systems according to their functionality for example the digestive and nervous systems etc.  Each of these systems is again composed of a number of organs whose building blocks are numerous cells and tissues etc.

Let us come to a brief and short description of the various elements of the human body. The skeletal system is related to the overall skeleton and bone structure of the human body and internal organs. The nervous system deals with all the nerves and issues related to the brain etc. The digestive system comprises all organs involved in the digestion processes of human body like intestines etc. The ejection of the waste products from the body is dealt by the urinary system. The reproductive system deals with all matters related to reproduction and child birth. The respiratory system helps us breathe in oxygen and its purification etc. The endocrine system deals with the various glands like thyroid, sex glands etc which secrete hormones into the blood which in turn control and govern several other processes like body development, growth, digestion, sexual inclinations etc. The circulatory system is responsible for the pumping of the blood and its circulation through the network of arteries and veins laid out in our bodies. The heart is one of the main organs of this system.

Each system has its vital organs and organs are composed of tissues. There exist several kinds of tissues with different functions like the epithelial tissue, which forms the skin and covering of different organs. Blood has different types of tissues in it while nerves have their own tissues. Bones involve connective tissues that hold together the bones and cartilage etc.

The building block of tissues is cell which is one of the minutest particles in the body yet it is a complete system in itself and contains a nucleus, a surrounding membrane and a jelly like substance called cytoplasm

Human body is undoubtedly one of the most majestic creations of the almighty. It is such a complex combination of elements with each one so specific in its operation and at the same time so important that its absence or malfunctioning results in the overall body being affected.

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