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Margaret Atwood starts her review by saying: It’s a thoughtful, crafty, and finally very disquieting look at the effects of dehumanization on any group that’s subject to it (Atwood). This writer would dare to disagree with Ms. Atwood. The world in which Never Let Me Go is set is neither well thought out and nor is the novel well crafted.

Atwood compares the story to Ursula Le Guin’s short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. In my opinion this is an apt comparison, however The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas is more of a mind experiment than a short story; Omelas is a city where millions of people are living happily but through some unknown means the foundation of their happiness rests upon the utter misery of one single person, a child that is locked up in solitary confinement in a cellar and beaten and abused from time to time. But while Ursula Le Guin does not offer any explanation at all as to why and how the situation in Omelas came about, Kazuo Ishiguro offers some explanation as to how the terrible situation in Never Let Me Go came about and continues to exist, but these explanations sound shallow and feeble, How can you ask a world that has come to regard cancer as curable, how can you ask such a world to put away that cure, to go back to the dark days? (Atwood). With the exception of liver cancer, organ transplant is not considered as a cure for type of cancer (

Another unbelievable aspect of the story is the how the world at large accepts the fate of the clones as natural. The most radical abolitionists run a clone farm of their own. Their whole effort towards abolition is to encourage the clone children to make works of art, which is supposed to be the best way to convince the outside world that clones are people too.

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