The main issue regarding the variation in price is significant to determine due to the past impulsiveness in the public college tuition. There is a reduction of enrolment by 2.08% whenever there is an increment in the college tuition cost by $1,000. The sensitivity of cost of tuition is decreasing which shows that students understand the worth of college education as well as working hard to increase the earning. It is believed that more than the old generation, current generation encounters the effects of tuition cost increment.

It is observed in many researches that student views regarding the cost of tuition and access to the financial sources can affect the college events. As described above, the increment in cost of tuition can drop the enrolment which can hinder multiple tasks of the public college system. It is observed that students do not show any interest in entertaining classes after the increment in the cost of the tuition and it can be not much public strategy issue if the other students can be more educationally motivated and passionate about their completion of degree or certificate. It is a fact that by the help of financial support, students can be encouraged to complete their degree even after the increment in the cost of the tuition.

College students who are in increasing debt, for example, $7,000, have more chances that they will complete their degree by 16.4% on contrary to those who do not take finances. It is believed that when the students are at the end of their studies, there is more chance that they will take debit. It is indicated by the studies that students can obtain increased tenure due to their education through the personal financial share. Allowances are also offered to the students in order to encourage them to complete their studies. Through this method, they will get much free time to focus on their studies otherwise they will spend the time in search of the finance to pay for their tuition. A practical of providing allowances was conducted in which allowances were offered to the high performing students which were not able to pay for their tuition enrolment. This practice also highlights the finance power on the success of the students. Students who obtained allowances got more credits and had many chances to be enrolled for full-time study as compared to the other students.

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