Plagiarism is a serious problem that is becoming very common amongst students. It is serious because if you indulge in it even unintentionally you can get expelled from your institution depending on the rules and regulations but in most of the cases of plagiarism students face hazardous consequences. Therefore, when we say prevention is better than cure than it is very important that certain preventive measures be taken beforehand to avoid complications. You spend almost a quarter of your life studying and at a very crucial juncture where all you need is a bit of more concentration and a serious attitude you definitely do not want to take any risks. The purpose of this piece of article is to provide you some useful ways as to stay away from plagiarism and have a confident outlook when writing your essays. Consider some valuable tips below to avoid plagiarism.

Use Citations

These days using citations is a must. The purpose of using citations is to give credit to the original author. You may come across certain pieces of writing or ideas that you may want to incorporate into your essay. There is no problem with that as long as you do it remaining within the academic boundaries. That is you must give credit to the original author every time you use his/her ideas in your essay. Even if you rephrase the text and make changes in the writing pattern you must give credit to the original author for using his/her ideas.

Avoid using Common Language

Try to avoid sentences that are too common. For instance consider this sentence, ‘once upon a time in….’, this sentence is used by many when writing. Identify similar sentences and avoid using them. Instead look for uniqueness in your essays and look for sentences and phrases that may appear different and unique.

Use Software

Once you complete your essay use an anti plagiarism software to make sure that you have a unique essay. Just to be on the safe side you should use software.

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