Divorce Vs Children

Experiencing a divorce is never a good experience for a child. A child grows up seeing his parents and he always needs them for love and care. He needs his parents for approval and protection. Both parents have different roles in bringing up their children. Due to differences and incompatibility, some couples decide to divorce and seek to live along or marry someone else. In this scenario, if a couple has a child or children they suffer badly. It can have detrimental effect on their health and they may no longer be able to function as they used to when the parents were together.

Divorce and

its effects on Children

Children are too innocent to understand what an intimate relationship is. They are absorbed with playful things and having fun with their peers at school. Their life is always revolving around their parents, friends, and teachers in school. Being too young their entire focus is on learning at school. Their little world is obsessed with toys and fun loving things. At such an early age if parents do not find each other compatible to live with, it can have a bad impact on a child’s mental development.

Many researches have shown that children of divorced parents often build peculiar and, in extreme cases, eccentric behavior. Such children cannot even give their best at their studies as their concentration may get badly affected. Seeing parents getting involved in petty tiffs may have a bad impact on the psyche of the children as they wants to see their parents together.

A child has an innate desire to be in warm of both of his parents. Due to divorce, the child deprived of the presence and supervision of one parent and as the parent whom he lives with has to do the job of two, always finds it difficult to fulfill all of the desires and necessity of the child.

Conclusively, when a couple decides to separate their ways then it is the child how gets badly affected. He becomes severely depressed and irritable. His overall academic performance is badly affected. He may even prefer dropping out of school. He may even resort to drug abuse. A child needs attention of both his parents and when he comes to know that after separation of his parents he will have to live with just one parent it can badly affect his behavior. He may become susceptible to illnesses especially, psychological problems.


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