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Video games have drained much of the time and attention of our young generation. Nowadays, youth spends most of their time playing video games; as a result of this they often neglect things that require their attention. Playing video games can be beneficial in some cases, but its disadvantages have outnumbered its advantages. Addiction of playing video games can make a person reclusive and unfit. Excessive gaming also disturbs the studying schedule, and it can also bring out aggressive behavior in children.

Young people believe that playing games are the best activity to do in their spare time. They eventually end up isolating themselves from their families and friends. They do not spend time with their families and don’t like to hang out with their friends. The man is a social animal; one must spend some time communicating with other people. Socializing with people enhances your communication skills, so one must hang out with a friend and socialize him\herself in order to attain good social skills.


Many research studies have shown that people addicted to games tend to have more physical problems than those who are physically active. Sitting in one place and continuously staring at the computer screen can lead to many problems like eyestrain, backbone pain, RSI (Repetitive strain injury), and other fitness complications. Sports activity is a great alternative to playing electronic games. Outdoor activities strengthen one’s physical abilities; a physically active person lives a healthy life.

Proper study time is necessary for everyone’s life to succeed academically. Playing too much video game disturbs one’s schedule. Young people must cut down their gaming time in order to pay ample attention to their studies otherwise; they will have regrets in future for not concentrating on their studies.

Some video games are likely to amplify the aggressive behavior in young people. According to many pieces of research, playing violent games can have negative effects on the mind of the people, especially of children. Parents should restrict their children from playing violent games.

In a nutshell, one must play games but must scrutinize their gaming time, and the nature of the games. One must pay attention to his\her studies, must take part in sports and outdoor activities, and must socialize him\herself.

Everyone should lead a healthy and a good social life.



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