There are many people who become victims of oppression and injustice. The most common form of such behavior is bullying. Bullying is a very serious situation which can have a very adverse affect on the victim. Most people have been the targets of bullying at a school level. However, the situation is not limited to the school premises; it can reach at higher level and can become more serious in nature. Most people experience bullying at university level and even at work. This shows that regardless of age, people will keep bullying each other to show superiority.

Bullying can happen in many situations.

Even at a person’s house, it can take place in the form of gender discrimination; where brothers may bully their sisters. Bullying can even become very prominent if it takes place at formal levels, such as the work place. Some employees may exert pressure on new employees and it can affect the self-esteem of a person. The bullying may then become publicized. However, people need to realize that no type of bullying is justified. Even if a small joke is cracked to laugh at a person, might hurt that person at deeper levels. As human beings, we do not respect each other’s emotions. One might never know that the other person’s emotional state can take the pressure or not.

Bullying is hence, a very grave issue which is sometimes ignored. Some people think it is not a very serious issue and no proper education is provided to students in schools about bullying. If there was some type of awareness given to students, they might restrain from behaving in such way. Students should be taught to respect each other and maintain a value of peace and equality among each other.

Bullying can have many adverse affects on the victim. While the bully may feel a sense of superiority while showing such attitude, he/she may be unaware about the pain and torture the victim is experiencing.  Children who get bully at school can prove to be anti-social, as they prefer to stay home or make very limited friends whom they can trust. It can also affect the academic behavior of the child as the victim’s mind is disturbed and therefore, he/she is not able to concentrate on the academics.

Bullying can even take extreme forms and it may even cause the victim to suicide or harm himself/herself.

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