Different Sources of Energy

There are different sources of energy that are commonly used to generate power. In this article, we will discuss few sources of energy.

Fossil Flues:

Fossil flues are derived from plant tissues which are changed into carbon and organic substances. These substances are accumulated over a period of hundreds of millions of years. Coal, petroleum, and gas are fossil flues. They provide almost 95% fuel of our daily use. The change of plant tissues into carbon due to non-oxidation process produces coal. Petroleum and gas are the products of plant tissues which are changed into organic matter by a process of decomposition, due to the activity of bacteria.

Nuclear Energy:

Nuclear energy is obtained from some heavier radioactive elements. When these elements are split into simpler one, a huge amount of energy is released which is known as nuclear energy. This energy is used to obtain electricity in nuclear reactor. In an nuclear reactor, 1kgof nuclear fuel produces 30 million kilo watts energy in the 7th hour. To get the same amount of energy about 3 billion Kg of coal is required. Nuclear energy is very useful for man but on other hand, it is very dangerous. The nuclear power plant releases a great amount heat in the air and water and pollutes the environment.

Geothermal Energy:

The energy which is obtained from the heat of soil is called geothermal energy. It is produced by natural radioactive elements situated in deep region beneath the earth’s surface. This energy comes to the earth surface in the form of hat water springs, boil ponds, streams, and hot rocks. It can be used to produce electricity but only a modest amount of energy can be obtained by geothermal power plant. Energy produced by this process is limited and non-renewable. It may be available for a definite period when earth heat is obtained from depth of ten thousand feet.

Solar Energy:

Solar energy is one of the renewable recourses which has been used from the early life and will be used for billions of years in the future. Solar energy is used in two ways: directly used in the houses, offices and schools; or used to get heat for the production of electricity. It can be stored in battery to use in large cities. For this purpose, solar cells are used.

Hydroelectric power:

Falling power is a great source of energy. When a small amount of water is dropped from a great distance or a great volume of water is dropped from a short distance, it produces energy. This method has been using in most of the countries to obtain electricity. This process of getting hydroelectric power is very economical in a mountainous region where natural waterfalls of river and streams are found.

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