The purpose of a descriptive essay is to give or inform specific and concrete details to the reader about an object or a place. A descriptive essay is based on the writer’s ability to describe something to the reader.  This ability to describe is established by making use of the five senses such as smell, hear, taste, or feel. It is something more than telling a person.  It is depicting the verbal picture in words i.e. giving meanings to the object, places or situations in a wordy manner. It does not just tell the reader about an object, but the words describe what the writer felt about that object. The use of nouns allows the reader to see and to make a vague image in his/her mind about a specific object, place or situation. Using verbs gives them the sense of feeling that is actually what writer felt while writing the essay. A descriptive essay may be objective or even subjective depending upon the situation or object under discussion. The writer uses character, attitude, atmosphere and language to get the message to the reader.


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