Computers have penetrated in our lives to such an extent that we have become too dependent on it. Our daily life affairs involve use of computers in one way or the other. The work we do in our organizations involve use of computers. Even the students in high school, college, and university rely on computers to do their assignments and important projects. Educational institutions use computers for record keeping of staff and students. They use them to maintain different types of important data associated with the institution. Even the children are not left far behind in the race of computer usage. When children are free, they utilize them for playing games on the internet. They download and install different types of video games. They prefer playing games online with their friends. Everywhere we go and whatever we do involve use of computers to a certain extent.

Computers in Organizations

Few decades back when computers were not so popular and was only owned by the rich people most of the tasks we used to perform did not have use of computers. We used to maintain files for record keeping. All the important information related to the organization was maintained manually. With the advent of computers this task has become easier. Computers are more reliable when it comes to storing data. Now we can store large amount of data in a computer machine. We can maintain different files and folders where we can keep record of each and every single activity related to the function of an organization. We can maintain data about different employees working in the organization where each employee can have a specific and personal profile. By just accessing the profile from a computer machine we can find important information about a particular employee.

Computers in Education

The education sector is not too far away from regular usage of computers. In different schools, colleges and universities computers have become a necessity because they help keep and maintain important details about each student studying in the institution. Moreover, computers also help maintain key information about different teachers and their area of expertise. With just a click of a mouse all the key information related to a particular student or employee can be accessed.

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