Delayed Parenthood

In this materialistic world, every person is in quest of having immense financial security. In order to make his or her both ends meet, every person works more than 10 hours. Another urge to earn money is to provide a better future to children. It is a known fact that earning money and securing significant monetary value is not easy. Need of money does not only affects an individual’s life but it also affect the overall familial system. Most of the couples defer their parenthood so that they could attain financial stability before welcoming their child in this world. This, however, is not a favorable decision for both: parents and the child.

The main reason behind delaying the parenthood is the financial stability.

Parents want to acquire financial independence before deciding to have a baby. They prefer to have children in their late 30s and early 40s. It has become a trend to conceive a child in advanced ages. Couples want to establish themselves in their respective chosen career before they enter their parenthood stage. They believe that with financial stability is necessary for a better future of their children. A child born in a financially stabled family has better opportunities of quality education and consequently quality future. Therefore, in their desire to provide their children with the best, couples delay their parenthood. However, delaying parenthood for monetary acquisition is quite dangerous. Most of the women face difficulty in conceiving a child in their late 30s and early 40s. It has been studied, that most of the women have their menopause at their mid-40s. Menopause endorses a woman’s infertility completely. Therefore, it is better to consider the option of conceiving a child before it is unavailable.

Advanced-age pregnancy is not good for mother’s as well as baby’s health. Such mothers are more likely to undergo a Caesarian section. The baby conceived at advanced age also has health issues. Most of the couples even try their best to combat their infertility due to advanced age, but to no avail. There are different solutions which can resolve the issue of infertility off couples, buy such solutions costs a huge amount of money.

In a nutshell, it can be said that delaying pregnancy and parenthood for financial acquisition is not a good decision. It will only leave regrets health complications for the couples who ignored the importance of child and parenthood over monetary benefits.

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