Herskovits defined culture as “man-made part of environment”.

According to Linton culture is “social hereditary” which is transmitted from one generation to another with the accumulation of individual experiences. Beals and Hoijer hold that a culture is “the totality of designs for living practiced by man at all places and times”. Within all the times and space a culture is the mode of activities which differentiates the people of one society from another. From Lowie’s point of view, a culture is the “whole of social tradition” which resembles in sense with Linton’s attitude on the point.

Here certain characteristics of culture have been enumerated. Psychological point of view holds “learned portion of human behavior is culture”. While Nabel sup[ports that culture is “the integrated totality of standardized behavior patterns” and Krober defined culture as “the mass of learned and transmitted motor reactions, habits, techniques, ideas, values, and behavior they indict”. Krober’s understanding of the concept of culture is similar to the definition of culture given by Cuber. Conclusively, it can be said that culture is the patterned behavior resulting from social interactions to become a heritage for the succeeding generations. The culture can experience gradual change or evolution with the passage of time.

In general, the culture is not a biological phenomena but is learned by the members of the society to follow a set pattern of life in a particular society. It is a matter of adaptation in the environment by the people who pave their way of life in a particular society.

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