Handwriting Skills

The modern world has been galvanized by technology. Every aspect of our life has been intruded by new technologies. Because of this intrusion, things that were once considered valuable are gradually fading away. Handwriting is also one of such dying aspects of our lives. Everyone is aware of the fact that use of computers in every field of life has become common. Due to the excessive use of computers, people hardly hold pens or pencil to write anything. Typing has replaced handwriting to such an extent that even schools and colleges promoted computer typed assignments.

In the past, when computers were not invented, people used to write a lot. People of that time even had the habit of writing a personal journal. There was a great emphasis on good writing skills before computers become common. Parents and teacher used to teach children different techniques of improving handwriting. Moreover, children were motivated to improve their handwriting by using writing-practicing books in their leisure time. Good handwriting also leaves a good impression on the reader. Students, in the past, were imbued with the importance of good handwriting for securing good grades. Fortunately, many standardized tests are still paper-based. IELTS is a good example of such tests. This implies that the importance of handwriting has not completely faded away. To secure good grades, students have to focus on their handwriting skills. It the handwriting will not be legible and readable then the examiner will have difficulty in comprehending the main idea. Consequently, he will mark the student with low grades.

Apart from some standardized tests, handwriting has lost its worth. Schools and colleges are also computerizing their classrooms and discouraging handwriting. Students are motivated to enhance their typing skills, but handwriting skills are simply being neglected. This will have negative impacts on our future generation. As many business commissions, analysis one’s writing skills before hiring him/her. It is a common belief that writing is a reflection of character. Therefore, if a candidate has poor writing skills then is less likely to get the job. Moreover, a person, who has a habit of spending time doing handwriting, is immune to has dyslexia.

Handwriting may not hold the same importance as it used to hold in the past, but its importance has not yet vanished out completely. If a person has poor handwriting then he will not secure good grades because examiner will not be able to read his paper. Moreover, it also helps a person to get the desired job.

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