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Cultural Uniformity

The human societies have their respective cultures. All human societies are not alike they vary from each other on the basis of different factors. Similarly, not all cultures are similar to one another, but among each societies, there are certain traits common which have their social, biological, and geographical background. On these same grounds, a similarity among all cultures is found. This similarity among all cultures is known as the uniformity of cultures or culture uniformity. Due to this uniformity, co-operations among different societies develop in the political, economic, religious, educational, technological, and industrial fields.

Below are given few examples of culture uniformity.

  • Family Life: in all present and past cultures of the world societies, family living is common. Parents-children relationship and their socialization are among the most common traits of every culture.
  • Marriage: marriage is a universal custom of all living human societies. It is a bond between two souls, in the modern world, the pair can also be of two men and of two women as in most societies gay marriages are allowed.
  • Inheritance: Inheritance of genetic codes is biological and natural, in societies, there is also another type of inheritance which is related to property, material acquisition, traditions, and legacy. In all societies of the world, the concept of is quite common.
  • Language: Language is a concept own by every single culture of this world. Every society has its own distinctive language. It separates a nation from other nations and gives it a distinctive identity.
  • Housing: Shelter is a natural aspiration of human existence. Every society of culture shares this concept of housing and sanctuaries to provide its residents a shelter and comfort.
  • Clothes: Every culture share the concept of clothing dresses. Human beings, even of native tribes, wear some form of clothes. Most of the cultures have their distinctive dressing codes, which gives them a distinctive identity.

From aforementioned examples, we can conclude that man is a social animal therefore, living in a society shapes up his way of living. The uniformity in cultures is especially due to the similarity of needs and material availability to the human beings of a particular culture or society.

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