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Exercise 1: Ads targeted at a particular psychographic segment

Starbucks is famous for selling more than just coffee; its advertisements often revolve around the theme of ‘its not just what you’re buying, it’s what you’re buying into’ showing it is selling a lifestyle to those who understand its tagline of ‘it’s not just coffee, its Starbucks’. A typical consumer of Starbucks coffee is a very active executive, who is earns well but is tied for time and needs to get to work early, might live alone but wants variety and good ambiance at breakfast; he thus pays not only for the meal but for one that matches up to his lifestyle.

Pepsi used Britney Spears for its commercial. Pepsi Generation appeals to the teens using one who they idolize- a superstar at the age of 19. This ad shows her in scanty outfits, with the perfect figure and body piercing; a symbol of the lifestyle that teens aspire to.

Nokia used an excellent form of psychographic segmentation–appealing to potential buyers by adding graphics to the headphones which depicted different genres of music. Each print ad in the series shared the same tagline: Music Almighty. This attracts a generation of music lovers who feel the music they hear defines the lifestyle they lead.…/music-almighty-196399/

Michman et al. suggest that segmenting a market according to psychographic factors is advantageous as it has the potential to change consumer preferences and thus causing switch-over between competing brands as a result of changing lifestyles (2002: 67). In addition, those aspiring for a certain lifestyle depicted by a brand may consume more and more of that particular brand to identify with the target consumers occupying that particular segment; an apt example would be that of Marlboro Cigarette consumers.

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