You may have written a number of essays to date but have you ever noticed that essays with strong conclusions are more likely to leave an ever-lasting impression on your readers? An essay conclusion, just like other elements of an essay, is one of the most crucial elements of any type of essay. Now the question is what makes it so important? You may have written an extraordinary essay but if the conclusion is weak and unconvincing it is likely to waste all your hard work. The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to go about writing a strong conclusion to make your essay a real success. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider.

Summarize your Essay

By summarizing we do not mean to write a lengthy paragraph. Its basic purpose is just to state some key points that can sum up the entire essay. However, avoid repeating what you have already discussed in the main body. You can accomplish this task in mere two to three sentences.

Provide Solutions

Provide personal opinions or solutions depending on the type of arguments you have already provided. Make sure that your solutions are relevant to the matter or the main theme of the essay. Make it convincing backing your arguments.  Moreover, restate the thesis statement as a reminder to the reader about the main purpose of the essay. Furthermore, try to make sure that your essay conclusion is precise and direct and avoid anything irrelevant.

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