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  • University Essays

    University essays are meant to be somewhat different from college essays. One should not use these terms interchangeably. Both are very much different from one another. As college essays do not require rigorous expertise, knowledge and competency as is demanded by university essays. University essays are more complex and are expected to be written in […]

  • College Essays

    College essays are one of the modes of assessing students. As it is a way to judge students not only about their knowledge about the given topic but also on their writing skills. As college essays demand a good knowledge about the topic presented in an excellent creative writing. The words creative and excellent writing […]

  • Coursework

    Coursework is the name of work that brings with itself a variety of twists and turns, surprises, tensions and problems because it is the work that is done by students at middle / high school or university which contributes to their overall grade and is assessed separately from final exams. It is different to different […]