This case study has been carried out with an objective of reviewing ERP system sourcing strategies at the disposal of SMEs. The research is based on qualitative research approach and case study method while data has been collected using interviews, emails and informal conversations with employees of the company. The ERP software application and related documentation were analysed and employees were examined in interaction with ERP. The case study presents information in a fashion that is useful for academic as well as practical application.

The research paper of the case study opens with an introduction and background of ERP and SMEs with reference to ERP implementation in SMEs. A literature review of SME sourcing strategies in the research provides previous studies and researches carried out in this area. The case study is based on a private small enterprise Kane bridge Corporation operating out of New Jersey. The overview of company background, IT environment and methods including functions of IT implemented and the company’s desire for change provide an admirable insight to the case. The various strategies at the disposal of the company with respect to ERP system sourcing as analysed in the case study include make or buy decisions, outsourcing development of system and assigning development to off shore vendors. The conclusion drawn from the case study implies that a small sized company can easily identify various options available in implementing ERP system and software and after identification the company can evaluate these options to implement a certain strategy successfully (Sledgianowski and Tafti 2008).

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