Q. When should Red Bull know to turn on the advertising? What metrics would you use to make this judgment?

‘We don’t bring the product to the people. We bring the people to the product’ (Dietrich Mateschitz, Founder, Red Bull). Its true and Red Bull proved it by deriving people to the drink  through its particular theme of instant energy drink by using healthy ingredients approved by foods authority. Where ever Red Bull came with its theme it brought successful result in specific market.

But we have also seen failures in market when it diverted by its theme as it has been experienced in launching Red Bull in United Kingdom with a different slogan and marketing strategy. In order to build brand loyalty among the customers this drink was associated with energy and power. Different sports starts were used as an endorser and they helped the brand building process. In the similar manner it can also be commented that they are one of the pioneers of marketing an energy drink to different target markets. Therefore, after a need was initiated then powerful advertising and promotional campaigns were required and red bull initiated them.

It is therefore suggested from the above that Red Bull knows how to turn on the advertising as we have evaluated by the above mentioned metrics we could have a clear picture that how the brand could achieve expected results. It is therefore recommended that marketing and advertisement during summer and Winter Olympics and other competitions is a successful strategy for Red Bull to market itself confidently.

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