This is a case study on So Good Milk.

1. Market:

So Good was launched in UK in the year 1998, within 5 years of its establishment the company has captured 40% of the soya milk market with an estimated worth of $18-19 million. This itself points out toward the fact that it has been a popular brand in UK. Both the issues that are creating problem for So Good are almost the same in nature, means they both deal with the image of So Good milk. The customers have not shown any concern regarding the taste of So Good, which means that the market is there to be captured. Figures shows that Public have accepted So Good milk as a healthier and tasteful milk and they are ready to go on with it.

2. Demand:

The demand of So Good milk could be known form this fact that the health consciousness level of the general public has increased. Especially the women has become more conscious towards their health, this is a good sign for So Good as they are also addressing health related issues with the product. Reports show that soya helps in the prevention of cancer so this shows that the demand is there, its jut about targeting the right audience and properly meeting their demands. Findings show that 72% of the Europeans were concerned about their health and soya protein could help in lowering cholesterol level, this would automatically increase the demand of So Good milk.

3. Competitor:

As far as competition is concerned the only possible competitor in the soya milk market is Alpro. Alpro soya brand has been in the market for long, they have a good share in the soya milk market, but this could be countered by a positive and strong marketing campaign.  Apart from that the dairy milk products are also indirect competitors of the So Good soya milk, as it could be used as a substitute of soya milk and they should not be ignored.

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