The book entitled Tweak: Growing up on methamphetamines is written by Nic Sheff and is a memoir about his methamphetamines addiction and recovering from the adverse affects of the substance. He explains the nature of his methamphetamines addiction and the effects it has on his personal life and discuses events chronologically throughout the book.

He portrays the feelings a drug addict has before and after consuming drugs such as heroine and methamphetamines. The author explains the nature of an average day in extensive detail covering every minute detail related with drug use and events surrounding drug consumption on a particular day. Nic starts off by mentioning how he gets addicted to drugs and how the addiction and desire for drugs steadily increases. The author describes various events throughout his life in a chronological order from the age o 11 to his early twenties. The book describes how Nic tries to quit drugs and recover from the addiction but fails and starts using drugs again. The author explains various relationships with his family and friends throughout the book and how drug addiction affects these relationships. The author explains the satisfaction he derives from the consumption of drugs and the adverse affects of drug abuse on his health and life.

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