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The book suggested for this book report is “The story of salt” written by the author Mark Kurlansky. The book in whole educates people about the significance of a simple element “salt”.  This book is not just for the adults but also for the teenagers and the primary level students. This book introduces the readers with the common facts that had been off-beat.  This book is reviewed on a large scale and recommended by many of its readers.

About the author:

The author of this book Mark Kurlansky is well-known among the book lovers. He has been awarded with the James Beard Award for Excellence in Food Writing. His many writing includes “A biography of fish which changed the view. And this is an achievement in itself, if a book writer really changes one’s perspective towards any subject (The Random House Group, 2009).

The most common feature in his books is salt. Just for the sake of knowing the facts about salt and how does this substance can really change the contemporary picture of the world, he travelled to many countries in the world. The countries he visited are China, Middle East, and Africa.

Mark Kurlansky writing pieces includes, “The big oyster”, “The last fish tale”, “1968 (the year when the world was rocked) and many more” (Random House, INC, 2009). These writing pieces by the author have focused the food and greatly salt. In this paper will discuss his book “The story of the salt”

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