The servant leader is one of the greatest books of James A. Autry and the author has expressed its ideas in a phenomenal manner. The approach of the author is quite attractive and simple explanations and depiction of ideas clearly depicts what are the intensions of the author. This book is targeted to individuals from the business community and the role of leadership is discussed beautifully in this masterpiece. This book is targeted towards business managers who employ leaders in their organizations and this book discusses the fact that how leaders can transform their personality and how it affects the entire organization.

The entire book is arranged into four major sections and these sections are:

  • A foundation of character and vision.
  • Servant as manager: The everyday nuts and bolts.
  • The harsh realities of organizational life.
  • Finding the balance.

In this masterpiece the author stresses on the concept of servant leadership and the author discusses different aspects about leadership like the concept of leadership is all about paying attention and it’s all about love.  Similarly, the book discusses the fact that leadership is more about doing constructive work in the workplace and it is all about coordination with the people. The different aspects of organization life are also discussed in this book and the hardships of a servant leader are discussed in detail (Autry, 2004).

The first part of the book describes how the leader works as a servant and it also focuses on the vision of the leader and it also discusses the basis on what a servant leader is and how it can transform an organization. The details of the book are discussed in the second part and it also focuses on the details of the servant leader. Elements like how a servant leader can be trained and how leaders can work in a high technology oriented environment is discussed in this book. This book also focuses on the core aspects of performance appraisals and how leaders should control their employees.

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