Article Critique

Article critique is not easy as its name appears to be. Here critique means a critical review or discussion of a specified topic or article i.e. a complete analysis of the specified topic or article. Students of all academic years either have to do empirical / research article critique or review of literature i.e. related to arts. Both have to be done differently as there are different approaches to doing article critiques of these two kinds.

However, article critique is done by trying to answer the following questions:

  • Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?
  • Is the abstract specific, representative, and in the correct form?
  • Does the introduction of the article clearly define it?
  • Are you able to find errors of fact and interpretation?  This question requires most of the attention as the writer doing the article critique has to address this particular question.
  • Is all of your discussion relevant?
  • What are the ideas on which the author was overemphasizing or underemphasizing? Suggest unambiguous revisions.
  • Can some sections of the article be expanded, condensed, or omitted?
  • Are the author’s statements clear? Challenge ambiguous statements.
  • Does the author have any underlying assumptions?
  • Has the author been objective in his or her discussion in the article?

Stunned to see this! Yes, almost 90% of the students do not follow these questions rather they think that article critique is just summarizing the whole article in their own words. Well, this is totally the wrong approach in doing an article critique.

At the moment are you thinking that if this essay writing is thinking on such narrow aspects then will they be able to deliver an excellent article critique?

Then we would definitely say yes because we have writers who are specialists in doing article critiques on any topic. Essayxperts has produced the best article critique ever because we understand the needs of tutors and what they expect their students to deliver in an article critique.

This is basically a strategy in that students fail to understand what is expected of them when they write an article critique. This we do on their behalf and deliver the best article critique that we can by understanding the requirements of students and on the basis of these requirements we judge the expectations of their respective tutors and strive to meet their expectations on students’ behalf!




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