AG fund is a financial services company that deals in investment and accounting services and farmer owned cooperatives. Peter Jones is the Houston-based regional vice president and Cynthia Mitchell is working as a senior manager and managing the district of Arkansas. The Arkansas district is managed quite brilliantly by Cynthia and she is experiencing positive returns from this district. Although, the position in this district was not that good and this district was losing customers for the past 15 years. Cynthia was pushed into this district by Peter and she was managing the district proactively. The sales force at Arkansas was not that bad but it was poorly managed by the previous manager. That is the reason why Cynthia was looking for a powerful sales representative who can manage the sales in this region.

Steve Ripley is the most viable candidate for this position and he is announced as the best trainee of the organization. However, there are certain issues that arise that since he is black man that is why customers won’t buy from him and this would affect the overall performance of the organization and Steve’s performance would also be affected by this. Jones is also stressing on the point that they should not hire Steve because customers won’t be comfortable with Steve and this would negatively affect both Steve’s and AG Fund’s performance. However, Cynthia believes that they organization should hire Steve because he is the best candidate and he has proven this in several tests and in his trainings at the company.  She also believes that customers must comply with the hiring processes of the company and they must not engage in racism.

In this scenario Cynthia should not hire Steve although this decision might affect Steve but this decision can help Steve to stay in the organization for a longer term. Steve can manage other districts and can easily prove himself but managing this district might be difficult because the customers are not ready to buy from an individual who is ‘black’.

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