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Actuarial statistics is considered as a reputable field throughout the world and there are many individuals who are adopting this field just because of the fact that they are highly paid and respected all over the world. That is the reason why I have chosen actuarial statistics as my majors. However, there are certain other factors that are closely linked with my decision and one of the most important factors is that I am really good in mathematics. I took about 5 courses in my local community college and scored an A grade in the class. I believe this is one of my academic achievements which actually diverted my interest towards the studies of Actuarial sciences. In the similar manner another important aspect was the guidance and support of my father.

My father supported me a lot in studies and he believed in the fact that I am really good in statistics and mathematics. He motivated me a lot and believed that I can become one of the greatest actuarial scientists. Although, I have no experience in this field but I believe in the fact that my interest and my expertise in mathematics and statistics can easily overpower the lack of experience. I am well aware of all the aspects that are associated with actuarial statistics and the employment opportunities that are available after becoming an actuary. The nature of the work of actuaries is very interesting and these individuals actually analyze the data for the decision making. That is the reason why they are given importance is many organizations and they usually cater the insurance industry. I am also interested to work in the insurance sector and one of the easiest way to enter this industry as a reputable individual is to become an actuary. Although, certain individuals believes that actuaries actually are quite stressed because of the mental work and calculations but I certainly believe that if an individual is passionate about something then he/she should try its level best to attain it. In the similar manner the belief of an individual towards a particular task or a profession must be evaluated before hiring that individual and I can proudly say that I am very passionate about this field.

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