The Study of Loftus: Memory Formation

Brief Introduction

Loftus conducted a study on how false memories are developed in a person’s mind. There was a total of 24 candidates 3 males and 21 females. Each of the candidates was selected by the students of the University of Washington. Each student selected a pair of individuals, which consisted of a subject and his or her family member. The partners consisted of parent child pairs or sibling pairs and the youngest member of the pair was at least 18 years old. The family member of the pair had to have a sound knowledge about the subject’s childhood experiences, who is the youngest member of the pair.

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Health Consequences of Child Abuse


A person with bulimia Nervosa develops an obsessive control of their weight. The patient is dominated by the condition of eating binges. He consumes large amounts of calorie-rich foods as a result of lesser control on himself. He then attempts to compensate for over-eating by self-induced vomiting or using fluid tablets. The patient suffers from dental erosion and swelling around the face due to irritation of the salivary glands. He is usually overweight with respect to the height.

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Infant mortality in maternal smoking

Although it was known that maternal smoking had negative effects on the weight of an infant at birth, previous findings on the association between smoking and fetal and infant mortality have not been reliable. This study proved its reliability by using the largest ever database on this topic which envisaged 360,000 births and 2,500 fetal deaths. The method used for the study was “Multiple logistic regressions” to compare the effects of maternal smoking. Information included age, uniformity, education, marital status and race for total mortality. When compared with non-smoking women during their first birth, women who were smoking less than one pack of cigarettes ran a risk of more than 25% of mortality and women who smoked more than one pack were at 56% risk of infant mortality.

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Industries Using Child Labor

Waste picking does seem to be an easy task, but there are considerable problems and issues involve with this type of child labor. The chemical and medicine wastes have a certain life span after which they become poisonous and touching them can leave those poisonous materials on hands, which can enter the body while eating. Moreover, there are contaminated injections or needles that are dumped and they can also be lethal if is exposed to the body by mistake. All these issues of health, nourishment, and behavior of children are proportional to the practice of child labor in those countries, which is a rising issue in the contemporary times.

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Industrial Relation Law

Industrial Relations, now commonly known as “employment relationship” is a very specialized field involving several disciplines. Industrial Relations carries out research on employment, not just union regulated employment but other non-union regulated employment. Many people not familiar with labor laws think that industrial relations and labor relations are one and the same thing. Industrial relations have different aspects such as science building, problem solving and ethics. All these combine to understand employment relationship and its institutions through meticulous and through research. For the science building segment, industrial relations is considered a part of the “social sciences” which is an overall term for numerous fields not connected with natural sciences.

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