This article is about different ways and methods of using situations to their utmost capacity. Theories of change are events that are likely to happen, or can happened with the benefit of hindsight. However, no matter how situations  are adopted, for the future or as hindsight, in either case time and sincere efforts are needed from top management and adherents, as honest reports regarding change rules and techniques are not made available or understood by self analysis. It is absolutely necessary to involve neutral sources who can help clarify these theories by noticing things that would not be noticed by those who are using scenarios. Illustrative presentations with descriptions in black and white will help to clarify the relationship between different types of scenarios.

Discussions can draw out theories of change including unambiguous and absolute reason for outside involvement for designing and implementing the required changes.  This would include the specific issues to be taken care of, give a better understanding of outside intervening objectives, be sure that the procedures that they are implementing will bring about the desired change, and outline short and long terms benefits of implementing the recommended changes. After the preliminary outlining, organizers should concentrate on advisory queries for expounding indistinct expressions, links and the absence of consistency, including discovering the logic that program executives take regarding conclusions about how changes take place.

All paperwork should be scrutinized periodically so that comprehensive comment is obtained for the program to be refined and errors can be removed. Distinct theories of change often need retrospective designing to make clear the perspective results of programs that usually show the way for adherents to decide about precise planning and ways of involvement. The capacity and precision regarding changes or the types of changes that the program usually accounts for and they are credible as substantiation and rational and those requisite actions will produce the desired results, that the programs are physically possible with the support of adequate financial, technical, political and important organizations, plus adequate and qualified personnel to supervise the program and that they can be tested of verified and complete with assessable measurements of conditions so that the program can be monitored in a convincing and functional manner.

Changes should mention whether they are long or short term and the objectives that they are intended to achieve. The role of participants should also be clearly defined in the involvement e.g. the development of additional skills, the understanding of the program and cooperation between participants, and other aspects. Program goals might extend beyond education programs in schools and constant discussion for bi-communal discussion. The objective usually extends beyond the needed changes at particularized relationships and foundation and basic levels.

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