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The poems Iliad and Beowulf are epic poems revealing how the protagonists, Achilles and Beowulf respectively are great warriors. Though they displayed their acts of heroism in different manner, they both lived in different lived and served their people diligently. The two won most of their battles, however, Beowulf dies after his last battle after killing a supernatural dragon. Iliad does not explain about the death of Achilles. In both poems, the cultural background dictates that any differences are resolved through war, hence making these two heroes to adore war and become warriors within their respective hometowns. It is in the Trojan War where Homer demonstrates Achilles as a warrior in Iliad.

The ids epic, Iliad does cover the Trojan War but does explain about the death of Achilles. After being dishonored by Agamemnon, who happens to the commander of the Achaean army, Achilles decides to withdraw from the battle. In the beginning of the Trojan War, Chryseis is taken by Agamemnon as his slave and after her father request to Agamemnon to return her daughter is denied, he, Apollo, curses the Greeks. Chyrseis father who is referred to as Chrysies is Apollo’s Priest. The root cause of the curse is only known by Calchas who requests Achilles to protect him in order to reverse the source of the curse. After Achilles agreeing to protect Calchas, Calchas demands through Achilles for Chryseis to be returned and after Agamemnon returns her, he requests Chryseis to be replaced with Achilles battles prize, Briseis. Achilles whom loves Briseis finds this as a sign of dishonor and refuses to lead the Greek army in the battle of Trojan. Once cannot fail to find that Achilles source of hunger is justified and Agamemnon action of taking Briseis cannot be justified.

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