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Other factors which could include local poverty increase the intensity of extremism which is the result for longing for stable future. Poor governments that fail to address economic stabilization, humanitarian relief and issues of security further furl terrorists and insurgents. Economically unstable countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan will remain the breeding land for the terrorists.

The remedies that have been projected in the world to counter terrorism would only work in the short run and not in the long run. For example the strategy of targeting the focal points of the non-state actors appointed by Pakistan in Waziristan and by America in Afghanistan completely increased the hype in the region instead of countering the terrorism[1]. Collective law enforcement and military actions are successful in removing the terrorist actions for on a temporary basis but the reaction would dissuade some individuals from taking up terrorist causes. They would do little to halt the terrorist activities.

It would be quite unrealistic, even to suppose that globalized terrorism would be disappeared over ten to fifteen years.  Instead of the halt in the increasing terrorism, it is expected that in the near future globalized terrorism will increase disproportionally. This is due to the economical and social changes being observed in the world.

Social changes also work as the generator of globalized terrorism. Globalized terrorism is a disease that will continue to grow. According to research of Dr. Marvin Cetron, terrorism will continue to grow in some of the regions such as US, France and Britain. The reason behind the increase in terrorism in such regions is racism, fundamentalism and religious differences[2].

The future fight for the natural resources would increase the gaps between states causing them to face extremism. In such a situation it will only help the states to adjust the domestic affairs but to counter terrorism will be a complicated task[3]. Terrorism will change the world order in the near future. Scarcity, unemployment, the proliferation of weak states or collapsed states, ongoing and post wars, economic and cultural globalization and political regime and legitimacy will increase in the insurgency and terrorism. These conditions will add terrorist activities over ten to fifteen years.

[1] Same as (3)

[2] Cetron, M. (2008). 55 trends: Now Shaping the Future of Terrorism. New York: Proteus USA.

[3] Taylor, M., & Horgan, J. (2000). The Future of Terrorism. London: Routledge.

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