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Baptist Confession (1961 ) did not go on towards making a huge difference with regards to the influence it has had in the history of the Baptists, its greatest strength lay in its simple and generous point of view towards finding common grounds between the two thoughts. With the simple rhetoric that had an internal force in the use of powerful expression, it was nevertheless a confession that had its roots based in clarifying the doctrine, rather than as a policy maker, at a time in history where the influence of the Calvinistic ideology had taken roots and was spreading fast and wide.

In 1833, however, came yet another Confession of Faith into existence. This one had its origins in New Hampshire where the New Hampshire Baptists put together sixteen various articles all pertaining towards a general idea towards the attainment of salvation. This turned out to be a very popular Confession, partly due to the nature of the theological doctrine it followed.  That is because it had what James E. Carter calls ‘mild Calvinism’[1]. This preached not only free will but also acknowledged ‘the divine election’ of those few who were to be granted atonement along with the ‘perseverance of the saints and the judgment of the wicked’, as stated by Carol Crawford Holcomb[2]. Thus, it was readily adopted by many of the states.

[1] James E. Carter, Baptists Affirm Their Faith, http://www.baptistdistinctives.org/Baptists_Affirm_Faith.pdf, 1979.

[2] Carol Crawford Holcomb, Baptist Confessions of Faith, http://www.baptisthistory.org/contissues/holcomb.htm

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