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Cheikh Anta Diop came to prove many things, had Africa not been advanced in mathematics, trigonometry, and geometry, how was it possible to build large and stable pyramids which proved to be a wonder of the world. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop was a complete educational package in himself i.e. he was a physicist, studied Egyptology, African history, anthropology, linguistics, sociology and economics. He very evidently proved his thesis on Negro nation and culture after having been rejected once. He never lost hope and ultimately got a Ph.D degree. His life is full of achievements and in this paper; the discussion is going to be the works, methodologies, and theories proposed by Dr. Diop in some of his books (BookRags 2006).

He worked deeply on the Egyptian mummies in order to recognize their basic origin. Dr. Diop does not say that all the Africa is followed by Egypt’s culture but asserts Egypt as a part of the southern cradle. Southern cradle is a concept defined in one of the theories of Dr. Diop which we will discuss in detail. Although he is a very controversial figure for his biased thoughts but he never said that greek culture is only the plagiaristic model of the African culture, but the part of the northern cradle of his proposed two-cradle theory. Languages under consideration were Hamitic or Caucasoid, else than that was his native language Wolof. He worked on Hamito-Semitic language and Afro-Asiatic languages giving out resemblance with Egyptian languages such as Chadic, Cushitic and Semitic (BookRags 2006).

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