Why Students Quit School?

This essay discusses why some students quit school.Is it possible to get a good job after completing school education? Some people are of the view that schooling is a stepping stone towards getting a good job and have secure and prosperous future financially. The fact is that even those students who complete their school education at top struggle to find good jobs. Thus, it proves that completion of school is not the only factor which can affect students’ possibility of getting a good job after they complete it. There are other important factors that are involved when it comes to getting a good job. Some students quit school because they become disheartened by repeating the year in similar grade.

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What is behind School Violence in America?

This essay discusses the factors behind increasing school violence in America.

Increasing school violence is a cause of major concern in American schools. Parents are now more insecure about sending their children to a place where they are supposed to be safe. The school is the place for producing civilized and educated human beings rather than criminals and offenders. It is sad but it is indeed true that school violence happens in America and very little is being done collectively to counter them and make them a safe place for seeking education. Surprisingly those involved in school violence are the students of the school. In most of the cases related to school violence, the culprits have been none other but the students. Astonishingly students as young as 15 years old have been involved in the mass massacre of their fellow students. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss a very brutal school violence incident that occurred in 2012 and what is actually behind these incidents. Why are young students tempted to kill their own schoolmates?

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Racial profiling

Racial profiling is a form of racism in which it is assumed by law enforcers that people belonging to a particular society or ethnicity are criminals or those who do not respect state laws and do not abide by them. In most of the cases related to racial profiling, most of the people who come under scrutiny are African Americans. People belonging to Mexican origin, Arabs and Asians too become victims of racial profiling at the hands of law enforcers.

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Is family life characterized by diversity?

With a change in the modern ways of living, people have come a long way from the traditional family structure. There exist very different types of families in today’s world. In the past times, it was not that complicated. People used to believe that the only acceptable family structure is where two generations live together. This is known as the nuclear family. The common type of family was where the woman was doing all the housework and where the man was the breadwinner of the family. However, the world has experienced a change from this traditional type of family. Research has shown that there are complex types of families which are living under the same roof.

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Health Consequences of Child Abuse


A person with bulimia Nervosa develops an obsessive control of their weight. The patient is dominated by the condition of eating binges. He consumes large amounts of calorie-rich foods as a result of lesser control on himself. He then attempts to compensate for over-eating by self-induced vomiting or using fluid tablets. The patient suffers from dental erosion and swelling around the face due to irritation of the salivary glands. He is usually overweight with respect to the height.

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