Theory of Dreams

Fantasy And Dreams

Fantasy is a progression of thoughts, pictures, feelings, and vibes that for the most part happens automatically in the brain amid distinct phases of sleep. The substance and reason for dreams are not completely seen. However, they have been a theme of valid hypothesis, and also a subject of philosophical and religious enthusiasm, all through written history. The reasonable investigation of dreams is called oneirology.

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The Study of Loftus: Memory Formation

Brief Introduction

Loftus conducted a study on how false memories are developed in a person’s mind. There was a total of 24 candidates 3 males and 21 females. Each of the candidates was selected by the students of the University of Washington. Each student selected a pair of individuals, which consisted of a subject and his or her family member. The partners consisted of parent child pairs or sibling pairs and the youngest member of the pair was at least 18 years old. The family member of the pair had to have a sound knowledge about the subject’s childhood experiences, who is the youngest member of the pair.

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Impact of Baby Boomers of Yesteryear

Baby Boomers are those babies that were born from 1946 to 1964. The parents of these baby boomers endured the great depression and fought in the Second World War. The baby boomers had considerable influence on national and state populations especially in social services, education, the consumer and labor market. Now that it is their time for retirement Boomers are facing many problems. Postponing retirement is only a temporary measure, as eventually, they will have to retire and be replaced by younger people.  Most early baby boomers are now in their late 60’s and 70’s and while individual situations can be quite dissimilar according to their financials positions.  

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Identification and use of selected nursing concepts

One aspect of the nursing theory is about “resilience” in patients especially those suffering from cardiovascular disorders and strokes. This is the capability of patients to recover and resume their normal lives despite considerable difficulties. This nursing theory has received quite a bit of attention because it characterizes a person’s inbuilt or hereditary factor for protecting the body from irreparable damage or harm. Although protective factors may be the same, they do not qualify as significant characteristics in the Walker and Avant process perception of psychoanalysis.  Besides this, the protective factors that make one person healthy in one situation may not have the same effect the same individual in a different situation.

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How to combat loneliness?

The best remedy for avoiding social isolation and loneliness is marriage or living with a partner. Research has proved the caring and shielding effect of a very close and cherished bond with a person that ensures mental well-being in both men and women. It is the content of the relationship and not the official status that is important for the couples.  Partners with bonds are better protected than individuals. To prevent or alleviate loneliness the partner or spouse must be supportive and share some common interests. Without a partner, both men and women are more vulnerable to loneliness because without a partner, whether living together or living apart the main framework in the influence of the social net is missing.

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