Industries Using Child Labor

Waste picking does seem to be an easy task, but there are considerable problems and issues involve with this type of child labor. The chemical and medicine wastes have a certain life span after which they become poisonous and touching them can leave those poisonous materials on hands, which can enter the body while eating. Moreover, there are contaminated injections or needles that are dumped and they can also be lethal if is exposed to the body by mistake. All these issues of health, nourishment, and behavior of children are proportional to the practice of child labor in those countries, which is a rising issue in the contemporary times.

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Impact of the Minimum Wage Rate Increase in the USA

Advocates for a minimum wage increase are of the opinion that the proposal to increase the minimum wage for contract workers and other workers is because the government feels that these workers are paid starvation wages. The government is seeking to restore confidence in the general public and will use all possible measures to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots which would in effect speed the nation’s economic recovery. According to estimates, roughly 200.000 would directly benefit from this wage increase. The wage increase would increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour and would apply to service workers in federal buildings.

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Essay: Labour Party in Britain

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Tony Blair’s New Labour government continued the path of economic liberalization, privatization of state industries and the reduction of government spending. The Blair regime’s first major act after coming into power was making the Bank of England and independent entity (Rutland, 2008). The privatization of state run industries was continued under Blair, this was most often undertaken through Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) where private sector invested in government schemes and control of government enterprises was partially handed over to them.

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