Modern Foreign Language

A range of initiatives and projects are in existence in relation to modern foreign languages including projects where foreign languages are completely integrated into the curriculum, language awareness programs, and language encounters. Nevertheless, in the viewpoint, various researchers, this diversity in the projects and initiatives have resulted in distinctive challenges for a transition from KS2 to KS3. In key stages 1 and 2, the provision of MFL varies considerably within and across the regions in terms of expertise of the teachers, class size, year of introduction and time allocated to the MFL learning.

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Is talent more important than hard work?

To achieve success, there are many factors which are needed to be dealt with. Success does not happen overnight. There is constant hard work and sleepless nights needed. However, to claim that talent is not important would not be correct. Talent is the innate ability which a few special people have in them. It is a unique quality which most of the people are deprived of. In a room of ten people, it may not be important that all of them have a specific talent. Only a few are gifted with it. Hard work is significant in jobs where a constant struggle is required. If a person has talent, then it would not be enough to survive in the job market. The competition is increasing and people are killing each other for money.

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Declining Handwriting Skills

Handwriting Skills

The modern world has been galvanized by technology. Every aspect of our life has been intruded by new technologies. Because of this intrusion, things that were once considered valuable are gradually fading away. Handwriting is also one of such dying aspects of our lives. Everyone is aware of the fact that use of computers in every field of life has become common. Due to the excessive use of computers, people hardly hold pens or pencil to write anything. Typing has replaced handwriting to such an extent that even schools and colleges promoted computer typed assignments.

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Essay: My Difficulties coping with the American Culture

Sample Essay

I have actually fallen for their culture and actually have to be very keen so as to avoid being totally absorbed from my culture. As I had earlier stated, we the Saudis have keen interest in our roots and have to maintain them. In the area of religion, I had some difficulties in coping. There are several aspects of Islam culture that are not observed by the Americans, and this proved to be quite tricky for me at the beginning.

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