Why Students Quit School?

This essay discusses why some students quit school.Is it possible to get a good job after completing school education? Some people are of the view that schooling is a stepping stone towards getting a good job and have secure and prosperous future financially. The fact is that even those students who complete their school education at top struggle to find good jobs. Thus, it proves that completion of school is not the only factor which can affect students’ possibility of getting a good job after they complete it. There are other important factors that are involved when it comes to getting a good job. Some students quit school because they become disheartened by repeating the year in similar grade.

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Students with Autism in Regular Education Classrooms

Autism is a developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate, understand language, play, and interact with others. Autism is a behavioral syndrome, which means that its definition is based on patterns of behaviors that a person exhibits. Autism is not an illness or a disease.  “Autism is a neurological disability that is presumed to be present from birth and is always apparent before the age of three. Although autism affects the functioning of the brain, the specific cause of autism is unknown. In fact, it is widely assumed that there are most likely multiple causes, each of which may be manifested in different forms, or subtypes, of autism.

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Impact of Baby Boomers of Yesteryear

Baby Boomers are those babies that were born from 1946 to 1964. The parents of these baby boomers endured the great depression and fought in the Second World War. The baby boomers had considerable influence on national and state populations especially in social services, education, the consumer and labor market. Now that it is their time for retirement Boomers are facing many problems. Postponing retirement is only a temporary measure, as eventually, they will have to retire and be replaced by younger people.  Most early baby boomers are now in their late 60’s and 70’s and while individual situations can be quite dissimilar according to their financials positions.  

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Definitions of Culture

Herskovits defined culture as “man-made part of environment”.

According to Linton culture is “social hereditary” which is transmitted from one generation to another with the accumulation of individual experiences. Beals and Hoijer hold that a culture is “the totality of designs for living practiced by man at all places and times”. Within all the times and space a culture is the mode of activities which differentiates the people of one society from another. From Lowie’s point of view, a culture is the “whole of social tradition” which resembles in sense with Linton’s attitude on the point.

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Essay: Grids Viewers easily grab the Contents of the Design

Grids according to Boone allow for legibility, repetition and consistency. With grids, viewers easily grab the contents of the design as their attention is easily grabbed thus ensuring easy connection with the design. He equates grids to grammar in visual composition in which grids help in the design by acting as the grammar tool of telling a story in which the objective is easily executed and space defined. He also mentions that he has used grids severally in his design works. However, the fact that he argues that grids hinder originality by restraining creativity is not logical because he does not expand on this argument. He should explain why he thinks that grids hinder originality not just mentioning it in the midst of so much praising of grids.

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