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Essay: Tax proposal

The tax proposal increases the disposable income of the poor families thus increases their consumption spending while the disposable income of the rich families is decreased thus their consumption spending decreased. However, this does not have an effect on the total consumption of the whole community because the average spending for a poor and a rich family remains at $250 and the families are equal in number (Mankiw, 2008).

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Essay: With Increase in Savings, Income Left for Consumption is Less

Savings is defined as the “portion of disposable income not spent on consumption of consumer goods but accumulated or invested directly in capital equipment or in paying off a home mortgage, or indirectly through purchase of securities” (Vermann, 2009). With increase in savings, income left for consumption is less.  With low or static inflation and interest rate, people are encouraged to save money for investment rather than spent it on consumption. Since it is not possible to reduce consumption of essentials, it follows that amount to be spent on purchasing items like Ipods, which are considered luxuries is reduced (Turvey, 2007).

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Essay: Women as Employees in the Organization

The skill of multi-tasking has become more of an art form. It has become an invaluable tool that working mothers have been forced to master and cannot avoid even if they want to. Workplace pregnancy, maternity leaves, and child care issues often constitute transitions in the lives of employed women. However, identity and role struggles may be particularly acute for managerial and professional women because their careers and their traditional female roles seem at odds.

Essay: Women Labor Force

Jamieson (1995) has described the core of a woman very specifically and which is also representative of the major reason behind the glass ceiling effect. She has used the term “Feminity-competency bind,” which means that when a woman is feminine she is considered to be incompetent and when she is competent she is termed to be manly and virile which is unacceptable to the so called civilized men of the society. Her book aims to state that women have recently begun to give up on trying to handle work stress and family stress and have begun abandoning professions and jobs to stay home with their children.

Essay: Workforce Training and Investment

For a variety, of reasons— ranging from the vicissitudes of a tight labor market to a philosophical predisposition— some employers have chosen to make unusual commitments to provide significant education and training opportunities to their lower-wage workforce. Interestingly enough, this commitment rarely manifests itself in a direct focus on lower-wage workers.